How do I connect the WS-Trust connector of WSO2 Identity Server?

Trying to connect the connector?

Why is it provided as a connector?

But why?

How do I add it as a connector?

Follow the processes:

git clone
  • Open the cloned repository through an IDE and open a terminal.
  • Checkout to the relevant tag which relates to your product version using the command:
git checkout v5.6.x
  • Build the repository using the command:
mvn clean install
  • Navigate to components/org.wso2.carbon.sts.connector/target.
  • Copy the zip file named
  • Navigate to PRODUCT_HOME paste the zip file and extract it.
  1. Move into the extracted_folder and execute the commands:chmod u+r+x and
  1. Navigate to extracted_folder/dropins copy the jars in the location to PRODUCT_HOME/repository/components/dropins.
  2. Navigate to extracted_folder/deployment-client-modules copy the mar file in the location to PRODUCT_HOME/repository/deployment/client/modules.
  • After executing the commands or following the processes you have successfully added the connector into the product.
Done and Dusted!
  • Go back to the PRODUCT_HOME and delete the extracted_folder.

How can I test if the connector works?

Will this work?

Will this be a connector forever?

Storms don’t last forever?

And finally it’s a goodbye from me. See you guys later!




Undergraduate at University of Westminster, Former Trainee Software Engineer @wso2

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Dehami Koswatte

Dehami Koswatte

Undergraduate at University of Westminster, Former Trainee Software Engineer @wso2

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